2.7mm wooden melamine coated fiberboard backup sheet for PCB

  • Composition

    PCB sheet material composition  

    Yueshan have created a melamine wooden sheet for PCB drilling that responds to the increasing demand of today’s rigid drill room needs that want a robust drill back up board. wooden melamine coated board uses the best quality raw materials fibreboard sheets to make sure performance and consistency.

    wooden sheet pcb backup board



  • Description

          wooden melamine coated fiberboard backup sheet  specification

      Use: PCB/FPC drilling hole

      Thickness: 2.5, 2.7mm±0.15mm

      Density: 980±30Kg/m3

      Surface Hardness: (80±5N/mm2 (Shores D) )


      fibreboard sheets size:

      37〞×49〞 41〞×49〞 43〞×49 〞

      939x1244 mm, 1090x1244 mm

      custom cut panel and sheet sizes obtainable. And can provide position hole drill service


  • Product Advantage

        wooden sheets for pcb drill advantage

           HOLE QUALITY: Finely prepared timber produce a high density fiber board (HDF) with a minimal natural resin level that will not contaminate the hole,ideal repalace for phenolic board.

      DRILL wear: The Melamine coated board surface layers have undergone adjustments to extract the abrasive components found in almost every other melamine board. The low-resin degree of the core also increases drill wear resistance created by the remodified surface layer.

      BURR PREVENTION: A hard, smooth surface with a satisfied thickness tolerance is an ideal exit platform for some drill applications.

      HOLE VERIFICATION: White surface area assists distinguish holes drilled melamine board completely.

      Quality control:The consistently high-quality of wooden back up board is assured by the tightest manufacture tolerances together with permanent product control corresponding to ISO 9001.

      storage:wooden melamine coated fiberboard backup sheet  should stay sealed in its initial packing until use. It must be stored beneath the same heat and humidity circumstances that surround the operating area. Rapid change of the conditions may cause moisture fall out leading to subsequent warp.

      Best storage at: 65° - 75°F (18° - 24°C)

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