Circuit board drilling Underlay material

  • Composition

    fiberboard underlay board

          Melamine wood fibre board ,as a replacement of phenolic board . melamine underlay material for printed circuit board drill,underlay. or backing material is An important micro drill consumable. what's more cost of  this fibreboard underlay board is cheaper. than that of pcb sheets material :phenolic sheets. it's more for circuit board drilling process

    fibreboard underlay feature

          The purpose of the backing material is to prevent. exit copper burrs on the underside of the drilled boards. and to provide adequate space for drill stroke termination.
    An acceptable backup material does not contaminate the hole. and helps cool the drill bit, thereby improving board  drill hole quality.

    underlay board advantage

          our underlay material has tight thickness and flatness tolerances. It contain no abrasives that could increase drill wear. or contaminates that could evacuated through the drilled hole. The surface is smooth and hard to suppress exit burrs.

    Drilling tools for PCB

    Brace & Bit Drill
    carpenters and craftspeople drilled holes by hand using a "brace and bit." The brace, which is approximately one foot long, has a chuck on one end to hold the bit. and a knob (or grip) on the other end to enable the carpenter or craftsperson to. apply pressure to drive the bit into the wood.
    The middle part of the brace is offset, enabling the operator to turn the brace and bit around. and around in a clockwise direction, thereby drilling the hole.
    brace with chuck on one end and handle on other end
    Brace with a knob/grip on one end
    and a chuck on the other
    Brace with a bit inserted into the chuck
    Brace and bit drilling a hole
    Drilling a hole with a brace and bit
    Hand-Operated Drill
    The brace and bit is seldom used now. but the same concept applies to drilling holes by hand using a hand-operated drill driver. The drill driver has a crank, which powers a gear mechanism, which turns the chuck and bit. This tool is inexpensive and easy to use in tight working spaces.
    Hand-operated drill with crank
    Hand-operated drill in use
    Drilling a hole with a hand-operated drill driver
    Battery-Powered Cordless Drill Driver
    Drills powered by electric motors became used many years ago. but they have replaced in recent years by battery-powered cordless drill drivers. These battery-powered devices can also used to drive in wood screws.
    Battery-powered cordless drill
    Drilling a hole with a battery-powered cordless drill
    Drill Press
    Some woodworkers invest in a drill press. The press can sit on a workbench or larger models can sit on the floor. A steel column connects the base to the top of the press. where the motor powering the chuck which holds the bit located. There is a geared mechanism that the operator can use to lower or raise the bit with a lever.
    The piece to drilled rests on a table, which attached to the vertical column. The advantage of a drill press is that you can drill holes exactly straight or at preset angles. By using a fence and stop block, you can drill a hole in exactly the same location.



  • Description

    drill board PCB

          A Circuit Board Drill also known as a Circuit Board Mill is a milling machine tool used to shape metal. and other solid materials. The Circuit Board Drill has a rotating cutter. which rotates about the spindle axis (like a drill), and the work piece  attached to a table. The circuit board milling operation. involves movement of the rotating cutter sideways as well as 'in and out' unlike the drill. which moved only along its axis. The circuit board cutter and material move relative to each other, generating a tool path. along the work piece.
          Slides and lead screws or analogous technology controls the movement. By moving the table while the circuit board cutter rotates. in one place the movement controlled. This creates relative motion between the cutter and work piece. Circuit Board Drills may operated, automated. or automated via computer numerical control (CNC).
          Circuit Board Drills can perform a vast number of operations. some of them with quite complex tool paths, such as:
    Slot Cutting
    Die sinking
    Routing, etc.
    While these operations are going on, the cutting fluid pumped to the cutting site to cool. and lubricate the cut, and to sluice away the resulting swarf.

    back drilling

           Controlled Depth Drilling (CDD), also known as back drilling. is a technique used to remove the unused part. or stub, of copper barrel from a thru-hole in a printed circuit board. When a high-speed signal travels between PCB layers through a copper barrel. it can distorted. If the signal layer usage results in a stub being present and the stub is long. that distortion can become significant.
          These stubs can removed by re drilling. those holes with a larger drill after the fabrication is complete. The holes are back drilled to a controlled depth close to, but not touching, the last layer used by the via. Allowing for fabrication. and material variations, a good fabricator can back drill holes to leave a 7mil stub. the remaining stub will be less than 10mil.

    PCB drills board application

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  • Product Advantage

    circuit board drill

          Circuit board drills are micro drills designed for precision hole . making in fiberglass printed circuit boards (PCBs). plastics and other laminates. Miniature Solid Carbide 1/8 Shank Circuit Board Drills.
    is the popular use.
          Solid Carbide Micro Drills are a universal drill bit. which can used for many materials and industries. The Carbide Micro Drill bits are also used for small through holes. blind via hole drilling. or via inter connectors, they allow  forimproved inner hole wall quality. whilst maintaining good registration accuracy. This makes them ideal for high density multilayer circuit boards.
           Printed circuit boards are usually made of fiberglass (FR4). which is highly abrasive and given the many hundreds. or thousands of holes on modern circuit boards. requires the use of specialist drill bits such as these

    circuit board drills solid carbide

    Solid carbide printed circuit board drills. Suitable for drilling through printed circuit boards. Shank diameter 3.175mm, 38mm length.
    Solid Carbide Printed Circuit Board Drills
    Solid carbide printed circuit board drills. Suitable for drilling through printed circuit boards.
    Shank diameter 3.175mm, 38mm length. Manufactured to DIN 1899
    Range- Dia-0.40 to dia 1.5mm


     fiberboard underlay

     fiberboard underlay is ideal for PCB.  The benefits is

    -Quality high density underlay

    -The wood material in FibreBoard is extremely eco-friendly, being completely natural -

      -FibreBoard stays cool under pressure too. it resists compression, so provides solid. and stable support even under the heaviest weight.

    cnc drill

    The ubiquitous twist drill was the first cutter each of us used, in a handheld electric drill. While only machinists have end mills, most any home do it yourselfer has twist drills on hand.
    But there’s more here than meets the eye. Statistics show that holes are by far the most common feature CNC machines make. In addition, the Material Removal Rate of twist drills is outstanding, . and usually better than equal sized end mills. It may even make sense to drill a bunch of holes in a grid over your pocket. and then machine the web between the holes out with an endmill.

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