Circuit board drilling Underlay material

  • Composition

    fiberboard underlay board

    Melamine wood fibre board ,as a replacement of phenolic board ,melamine underlay material for printed circuit board drill,underlay or backing material is An important micro drill consumable,what's more cost of  this fibreboard underlay board is relatively cheaper than that of pcb sheets material :phenolic sheets ,it's more economically for circuit board drilling process

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  • Description

    fibreboard underlay feature

    The purpose of the backing material is to prevent exit copper burrs on the underside of the drilled boards, and to provide adequate space for drill stroke termination.
    An acceptable backup material does not contaminate the hole and helps cool the drill bit, thereby improving board  drill hole quality.

  • Product Advantage

    underlay board advantage

    our underlay material has tight thickness and flatness tolerances. It contain no abrasives that could increase drill wear or contaminates that could be evacuated through the drilled hole. The surface is smooth and hard to properly suppress exit burrs.

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