High density Wood fiberboard for PCB Drill

  • Composition

    HDF Wood fiberboard for wooden circuit board Drill


    high density wood fibreboard mainly is used for medium or micro PCB drilling. Board planing is good and make sure that drill isn't wear and tear. hole quality is improved as its Drilling without Phi peak has better chip removal and cleanliness. It is the most affordable of the pad drilling.


  • Description

    white drill board Used in PCB drilling
    Thickness 2.0/2.4mm
    Tolerance of thickness ±0.15mm
    Tolerance of size ±2mm
    Warping degree ≤0.8%
    Density ≥830,880kg/m3(HDF wood)
    Hardness 72±5N/ mm²(shores D)
    Standard size 37″*49″ 41″*49″ 43″*49″
    940*1245mm 1041*1245mm 1092*1245mm

  • Product Advantage

    melamine wooden fiberboard for printed circuit Drill advantage

    A, High surface density and hardness, low burrs;

    B, Small thickness tolerances, long service life of drill;

    C, Improve cleanliness of CCL by less debris at the moment of breakdown;

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