Entry backup board for micro sizes hole pcb drilling process

  • Composition

    circuit board entry and backup board fit for the PCB drilling process with high grade and precise grade,Base material with HDF board ( high density wood fiber )of pine tree,willow tree, eucalyptus tree and poplar tree etc.Top laminate with melamine paper phenolic resin.

    the HDF board ,normally available two density option as 830kg/m3 and 880kg/m3.

    melamine backup board for pcb drilling process

  • Description

    Entry and backup board for pcb drilling description

    Thickness 2.7mm,2.5mm, 2.0mm,
    Thickness Tolerance ±0.15(WM27 WM25),±0.10 (WM20)
    Surface Hardness 80±5 degree(shore D)
    Usual Sizes 37"×49",41"×49",43"×49"
    Special Sizes Cut to sizes on customers’ requests
    Size Tolerance ±2mm
    Destiny 980±30kg/m3
    Flexural Strength ≤0.3% of diagonal length
    Fabrication Suitability Sawing or drilling
    Strength against Bending ≥55N/mm2
    Surface Roughness smooth
    Water Content 5.5%~7.0%
    Expansion Rate after Moisture Absorption (24h) ≤35%
    Formaldehyde Release ≤30mg/100g
    Package 250pcs/pallet
    Storage Full package, keep even, room temperature, put in ventilated place, caution against water, damp, keep away from fire and hot things
    Period of Validity Store as the terms given above,six months from shipping date

  • Product Advantage

    melamine  entry and backup board Advantages:

    1. It is a composite of the Melamine paper and wooden fiber board with high density. It is especially made to replace the Phenolic backup board. 
    2. It is difficult to distort.  The warping degree is smaller than the Phenolic paper backup board.
    3. It reduces the abrasion of the drill and lengthens the life of micro drill bits. 
    4. It can save the cost and it has more sizes. 
    5. It doesn’t pollute the environment.

        Drilling in PCB production is indispensable process and it can't be avoided for either electro-connection among layers or fixing elements. 
    The formation of pcb drilling burrs affects the PCB quality and ends up in deburring processes. The burrs created from drilling processes is onerous to get rid of and also the price of deburring is often substantial. 
    step-down of burr occurred in drilling method will scale back effort and time to get rid of burr. so the opening drilling and deburr method square measure thought-about as necessary processes to save lots of energy. 
    Since burr formation is powerfully associated with method conditions and drill pure mathematics, experiments were dole out to develop a Drilling Burr management Chart by variable feed, spindle speed and drill diameter and backup board material. 
        it tested that choose high density and hardness backupboard may be a sensible approaches to attenuate drilling burrs and to green the PCB drilling method.

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