White drilling melamine board for thick copper PCB

  • Composition

    Printed Circuit Board Drilling melamine, Flexible Circuit Board Double Sided, Surface Mount, Back-Plane, High Density Interconnect MLB,

    White drilling melamine board is a fresh kind of drilling cushion for little hole and does apply for little hole on exact multi-layer circuit board .Specifically for the pinhole aperture, multilayer board and flexible board. Particularly made to change the Phenolic back-up board, its surface area hardness is really as great as the Phenolic back-up table and accord with environmental safety standard .Using its stabilize dimension, it’s hard to distort and simple to cope with after using.

  • Description

    Properties Unit Value
    Shore D Hardness   ≥80+-5 N/mm²
    Water Absorption % 3% - 4%
    Thickness Tolerance Mm + 0.15mm
    Thickness Variance Mm + 0.15mm
    Twisted Factor (Warpage) % < 3%
    Cutting Tolerance Mm + 1or upon request
    Squareness Mm < 1.00
    Density Of Inside Core Kg/M3 950-980

  • Product Advantage

    White drilling melamine board Features

    Minimizes Burring - Offers a flat, hard surface area for optimum support to reduce burring.

    Reduces Drilling Temps - Offers excellent warmth dissipation characteristics leading to reduced drill put on and minimized temperature related hole defect.

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