White drilling melamine board for thick copper PCB

  • Composition

    melamine sheets for PCB drill

          Printed Circuit Board Drilling melamine, Flexible Circuit Board Double Sided. Surface Mount, Back-Plane, High Density Interconnect MLB,
          White drilling melamine wood fibreboard. is a fresh kind of drilling backup material for back drill pcb micro hole. and does apply for micro size hole on exact multi-layer circuit board .
           white melamine sheets for the Circuit Board drill, multilayer board and flexible board. Particularly made to change the Phenolic back-up board, its surface area hardness is. as great as the Phenolic board and accord with environmental safety standard. Using its stabilize dimension, board drill for pcb’s hard to distort and simple to cope with after using.

    White drilling melamine board Features

           Minimizes Burring - Offers a flat. hard surface area for greatest support to reduce burring.
           Reduces Drilling Temps. Offers excellent warmth dissipation characteristics leading to reduced drill put on. and minimized temperature related hole defect. 
     white melamine board

  • Description

    melamine board for Drilling pcb Description

    Properties Unit Value
    Shore D Hardness   ≥80+-3 N/mm²
    Water Absorption % 3% - 4%
    Thickness Tolerance Mm + 0.15mm
    Thickness Variance Mm + 0.15mm
    Twisted Factor (Warpage) % <6%
    Cutting Tolerance Mm + 1or upon request
    Squareness Mm < 1.00
    Density Of board melamine Kg/M3 980-1050

    white melamine board for PCB drilling

          What is white melamine faced mdf? A white melamine chipboard is a very versatile product. It can supplied in a wide range of patterns and textures. including the popular wood-grain appearance using today’s digital technologies. White melamine chipboard is a cost-effective. alternative to the use of solid wood timber in projects.

           White melamine is a particle board faced with paper. that has impregnated with melamine resin. White faced melamine board is perfect for shelves and cabinets. as it can wiped clean very and provides an pleasing finish. a wide range of melamine faced chipboard in varying lengths. and sizes to accommodate all your construction project needs.

  • Product Advantage

     white melamine sheet advantages

        Lots of PCB back up board  manufactured using white melamine chipboard. 
           MDF manufactured from wood fibres, mixed with resin. and waxes which are then hot pressed to the required thickness. These wood fibres sourced from environmentally friendly forest thinnings. recycled wood/pallets, and sawdust. 

    melamine board suppliers

          Laminate and melamine are both resin coated paper sheet PCB back up materials. What differentiates them is the substrate that the melamine paper adhered to. Melamine is a resin coated colour or patterned paper. When melamine paper bonded to a substrate such as particleboard or MDF. it known as melamine board. Because melamine made from either particleboard or MDF with a bonded melamine surface.

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    Allow us to assist you in choosing the right product for your application, feel free to contact us.


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