CNC PCB micro drilling Exit board

  • Composition

    Exit board for micro pcb 

    High density CNC pcb drill exit board is a high density wood fibreboard with no added resin, ideally suited as an exit material for pcb drilling and routing single sided, double sided and multilayer printed circuit boards.

  • Description

    Drilling PCB material details

    Thickness and Tolerance 2.5 +/-0.15mm
    Density >980 Kg/m3
    Bending Strength >45 N/mm2
    Warpage <0.6% across the diagonal Delivery Specification
    High density pcb drill exit board is supplied in cut panels and position hole to customer requirements

  • Product Advantage

    CNC pcb drill backing board advantage

    • Excellent flatness and thickness tolerance
    • Homogeneous high density core provides for good cleaning and cooling of the drill bit
    • offers a uniformly smooth surface providing good face to face contact with the PCB giving good burr control through a wide range of drill diameters
    • Can be ‘flipped’ and used on both sides, maximizing utilization and material yield

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