PCB Drill Lubrication Backup Materials

  • Composition

    Lubrication Laminated Fibreboard Backup Materials 


    The unique resin system offers low melting point lubricating characteristics,minimizes drill bittemperature rise and
    maximizes drill life. The resin system is water-soluble and easily removed during subsequent wet processing.

    fibreboard sheet composition

    Wood (90%), Adhesive, Resin
    white fibreboard sheets Surface:
    white melamine backup board has a smooth matt white finish. A slight structure from the coating process can be seen but is only a visual effect that does not affect the usability.

    lubricated fibreboard sheets Dimensions

    Full size large sheets (940X1245MM/37X49",1040X1245MM/41X49",1092x1244 mm /43x49’’) .
    or ready to use cut to size panels with slots or registeration holes according to customers’ drawings.
    Environment Manufactured with MDF that satisfies E1 CLASS requirements defined in the European Standard EN 622-1 when analyzed according to EN 120 standard.
    For disposal local laws are to be obeyed.
    Backup material Packing and storage 

    Melamine Fibreboard Backup Materials is wrapped in a moisture protective packing and should remain in its original packing until use. It should be stored under controlled temperature and humidity conditions that are similar to those that surround the  production area. Rapid change of these conditions may result in warp.

  • Description

    Lubrication Fibreboard material Drill Melamine feature 

    backup board is a new type of composite drill backing board. The main features are drill bit cooling,lubricating and drillbit cleaning, guaranteed by a unique and patented engineered surface resin system.
    Reduced Drill Temperature - YUESHAN’s unique lubricated resin layer significantly reduces drill temperature, minimizing drill wear and thus minimizing heat related hole defects.
    Improved Hole Wall Quality - the lubrication of the drill, provided by the unique resin layer, significantly 
    reduces hole wall roughness and extends drill life.

    2.5mm lubrication melamine laminated board  is a product family of our Melamine Fibreboard Backup Materials.
    as long-standing  melamine board suppliers with Technical equipment and experience,YUESHAN have always guaranteed the same high quality of products.
    our white fibre board is especially manufactured for circuit board Drilling. The backup material is coated with melamine in a continuous process which leads to very good flatness in combination with perfect thickness tolerance and distribution.

  • Product Advantage

    Lubrication backup board offers

    - suitable for all drill hole size diameters
    - outstanding fibre board price to replace the phenolic board in the PCB manufacture process
    - quality ratio at a stable high quality level
    - special structure reduces drill wear and improves drill process 
    accuracy’ drilling 

    •  Reduced drill temperature and dr

    •  Increased hit counts, reducing co

    •  Increased stack heights.

    •  Excellent drill cleaning and chip f

    •  Improved hole-wall quality.

    •  Reduced costs.

    Backup board performs important functions in PCB drilling:

    First, the backup material acts as an offset lifting the PCB sheet off the drill machine table. This gives the pcb driller drill bits a material to drill in to after completely drilling through the PCB. This ensures complete drilling (penetration) of the PCB while preventing damage to the drill machine table.

    Second, back up material provides support to the relatively soft copper surface foil on the back side of the PCB. This support and the hard surface of the back-up prevent the copper from burring.

    Our PCB drill backing board have a high density wood fiber core with uniform material melamine foil top coat on the top and bottom sides. Because the drill tool does not penetrate more than ½ through the back-up, the back-up is typically used on one side then flipped and used a second time. 

    As stated above, the hard surface coatings on the exit board help prevent burrs, while the soft core minimizes drill bit wear. However, if the PCB sheets is not flat, burrs can be created when there is no contact between the exit side of the PCB copperand the drill back-up material

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