PCB Drill Melamine laminated Fibreboard Backup Materials

  • Composition

    PCB Drill Melamine Fibreboard Backup Materials 

    Components: Wood (90%), Adhesive, Resin Surface: white melamine backup board has a smooth matt white finish. A slight structure from the coating process can be seen but is only a visual effect that does not affect the usability.

    Dimensions Full size large sheets (1092x1244 mm /43x49’’) or ready to use cut to size panels with slots or holes according to customers’ drawings. Environment Manufactured with MDF that satisfies E1 CLASS requirements defined in the European Standard EN 622-1 when analyzed according to EN 120 standard. For disposal local laws are to be obeyed.

    Packing and storage  Melamine Fibreboard Backup Materials is wrapped in a moisture protective packing and should remain in its original packing until use. It should be stored under controlled temperature and humidity conditions that are similar to those that surround the  production area. Rapid change of these conditions may result in warp.

  • Description

    PCB Drill Melamine Fibreboard Backup Materials 
    2.5mm white melamine board  is a product family of our Melamine Fibreboard Backup Materials.
    Technical equipment and experience of our long-standing suppliers have always guaranteed the same high quality of products.
    our Backup Board is especially manufactured for PCB Drilling. The material is coated with melamine in a continuous process which leads to very good flatness in combination with perfect thickness tolerance and distribution.

  • Product Advantage

    PCB Drill Melamine Fibreboard Backup Materials 
    - suitable for all drill diameters - outstanding price / quality ratio at a stable high quality level
    - special structure reduces drill wear and improves drill process

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