High quality Alu sheet for pcb

  • Composition

           With continuous improvement and development of society, the requirement on high precision of electronics is getting higher. The development of high-precision electronics proposes requirement on precision of PCB processing. Meanwhile, requirements on positional accuracy of drilling and quality within drilling of PCB become higher.

    As a kind of uniquely innovative entry board, high quality Alu sheet for pcb produced by yueshan can ensure optimal precision of all apertures for users in manufacturing industry of PCB.

          coated aluminum entry sheet  consists of pollution-free carrier plate and dedicated coating in our company, so the unique surface is easy for alignment and stability before the drill point enters base plate.

  • Description

    Usage of high quality Alu sheet for pcb
    •Coating side is upward and aluminum side is downward on PCB;
    •The height of drill point needs to be 1.5~4 times than its diameter for chip removal;
    •Being pasted above base plate, drilling under drill point is the primary contact surface;
    •Notice if tape is closely connected to cover plate;
    •No fold or scratch is allowed on cover plate.


  • Product Advantage

    Features of high quality Alu sheet for pcb
    ●Ensure the best accuracy 
    ●Effectively reduce incidence rate of broken needle
    ●Reduce blade abrasion of drill point

    ●Improve roughness of hole wall and reduce nail head

    Details of the Aluminium entry board technical seets

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