1.5mm Phenolic reisn Drill Exit Board

  • Composition

    Phenolic Exit board drill

         An important drilling consumable is the underlay or backing material. The purpose of the backing material is to prevent. exit copper burrs onthe underside of the drilled boards.  and to provide adequate space fordrill stroke termination. An acceptable backup material does not contaminate the hole and helps cool the drill bit. thereby improving hole quality.

         We supply Phenolic sheet as a backing material as it is a hard.  densematerial made by applying heat. and pressure to layers of paperimpregnated with synthetic resin. When heat and pressure applied tothe layers. a chemical reaction (polymerization) transforms the layersinto a high-pressure thermosetting industrial laminated plastic. suited for use as a drill backing material. 
        phenolic resin compact laminate hpl panel.  composed of melamine impregnated decorative surface papers superimposed. over a varying number of Kraft phenolic core sheets to achieve a desired thickness. forming a one piece panel. which will not delaminate. This creates a prefinished panel that is strong, self-supporting, water resistant. and durable, requiring very low maintenance. perfect for a multitude of uses in commercial and public spaces.
         Standard size compact laminate phenolic resin hpl board price
    HPL panel, also named compact laminate panel, solid phenolic board. It’s made by the decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. plus multi-layered black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolcafter layering. and then repressed by the steel under high temperature,high pressure environment.

         The HPL Board made of decorative confetti impregnated with melamine resin.  laminated with multi-layer black or brown kraft paper impregnated phenolic resin. and then pressed with steel plate . through high temperature (150 ° C) high pressure (1430 psi) environment. thickness from 1.5mm It can made up to 30mm. The phenolic resin fiberboard can meet a variety of color choices, single sided. or double sided decorative requirements according to its surface color paper layer. Compact Laminate is a common name for phenolic resin sheets. a new environmentally friendly material that is resistant to acid, alkali, fire, moisture. and collision.


  • Description

    bakup board drill description

    Phenolic Board material has tight thickness and flatness tolerances. Itcontain no abrasives that could increase drill wear. or contaminatesthat could evacuated through the drilled hole. The surface is smoothand hard to suppress exit burrs
    it's more enconomical than that of drill aluminium
    custom Phenolic Board sizes is available 

    Standard size compact laminate phenolic resin hpl board price
    Material Decorative High-Pressure Laminates / HPL(Compact Laminate panel)
    Features Solid- core construction, Architectual black edge design
    Waterproof, fireoroof, scratch-, dent-, and impact-resistance, environmentally protection, no peculiar smell, Anti-corrosion
    phenolic board sizes Thickness standard 12mm thick
    (other thickness can be choose: 2mm to 25mm)
    Color Solid color & wood grain
    Surface Matt, Glossy
    Weight 18Kg/m2 (12mm thick)
    Density 3300kg/m3
    Durability 2 years warranty, over 10 years useful life, long lasting quality guarantee
    Application Toilet cubicle, urinal partitions, table top, cladding wall, bench, lockers, etc
    As a high-strength flat plate made of high-pressure polymerization of wood fiber and thermosetting resin, HPL is an integrated colored resin decorative surface formed by special technology, which is not only suitable for interior decoration, especially for outdoor facilities...
    Compact Laminate board is a highly stable decorative sheet with excellent features:
    1. Anti-impact
    2. Wear resistance
    3. Earthquake prevention
    4. Non-toxic, non-polluting, completely hygienic
    5. Moisture proof, waterproof, mildew proof
    6. Chemical resistance
    7. Heat resistant, resistant to smoke
    8. Anti-static, no radiation
    9. Antibacterial, easy to clean, UV resistant
    10. Rich surface treatment and various colors

  • Product Advantage


    Phenolic pcb Drill Benefits

    Non abrasive
    helps cool the pcb drill bit
    non contaminating
    excellent dielectric strength
    good mechanical strength
    dimensional stability
    good machineability
    light weight
    heat resistant
    water resistant
    corrosion resistant
    chemical resistant 

        HPL material is generally. used for smooth panels on the sides of playground equipment. and signs.
        It is a compact, decorative phenolic board. designed for use in extreme weather conditions in. which the sun, wind, rain, humidity, fungi and pollution affect all kinds of materials. It is a compact material, laminated at high pressure for outdoor use. It manufactured using precise methods. and according to strict regulations, employing materials that ensure maximum quality. The core made up of wood pulp and phenolic resins. The outer melamine layer manufactured to. withstand the action of ultraviolet radiation and environmental agents. thus ensuring minimal wear over time.

    phenolic pcb application

    Phenolic paper is a material often used to make printed circuit board substrates. It is a very tough board made of wood fibre and phenolic polymers. The characteristics of Paper Phenolic Copper Clad Laminate are cheap. low in relative density. and suitable for punching process. It is generally used in home appliances. IT peripheral products and related electronic communication products. such as computer, telephone, LCD TV, keyboard, mouse, monitor, CD-ROM drive, etc.

    How to make  phenolic pcb  exit board

         Phenolic insulation boards are. the most effective type of rigid insulation boards currently available.
         These closed-cell boards combine phenolic resin. with a surface acting agent that converted into a sheet material. then laminated to various facings, and cut into boards. The fire performance of phenolic foam is extraordinary. It produces little or no flame spread, creates nominal smoke. and very low-level of toxic gas emissions.
         Like PIR Boards, phenolic rigid foam boards used on the roofs. walls and floors of domestic housing, offices, retail. and industrial warehousing facilities etcetera.
         Again, like PIR Rigid Foam Boards, most. Phenolic boards laminated with pure aluminium foil facings, glass tissue facings, plasterboard

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