1.5mm Phenolic reisn Drill Exit Board

  • Composition

    Phenolic Exit board drill

    An important drilling consumable is the underlay or backing material.The purpose of the backing material is to prevent exit copper burrs onthe underside of the drilled boards and to provide adequate space fordrill stroke termination. An acceptable backup material does not contaminate the hole and helps cool the drill bit, thereby improving hole quality.

    We supply Phenolic sheet as a backing material as it is a hard, densematerial made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paperimpregnated with synthetic resin. When heat and pressure are applied tothe layers, a chemical reaction (polymerization) transforms the layersinto a high-pressure thermosetting industrial laminated plastic.Ideally suited for use as a drill backing material.

  • Description

    bakup board drill description

    Phenolic Board material has tight thickness and flatness tolerances. Itcontain no abrasives that could increase drill wear or contaminatesthat could be evacuated through the drilled hole. The surface is smoothand hard to properly suppress exit burrs
    it's more enconomical than that of drill aluminium

    custom Phenolic Board sizes is available

  • Product Advantage

    Phenolic pcb Drill Benefits

    Non abrasive
    helps cool the pcb drill bit
    non contaminating
    excellent dielectric strength
    good mechanical strength
    dimensional stability
    good machineability
    light weight
    heat resistant
    water resistant
    corrosion resistant
    chemical resistant

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