Pcb drilling machine use 2.0mm wood Backing board

  • Composition

    WOOD Backing board for CIRCUIT BOARD DRILL

     2.0mm wood backing board designed for automatic PCB DRILING machine.recommended. for cnc printed circuit board drill of high-tech micro printed circuit boards, multilayers. and flex-rigid boards. 

    Ordering information: drill board supplied in production ready cut panels under customers requirements. Panels can supplied on request with tooling registration holes.

    Disposal backing board is free of phenolic resin and formaldehyde. backup board is non-toxic to mammals and fish. backing board is biodegradable. It may burned, subject to local legislation, thus providing heat energy.

    Precision PCB Drill machine Backing board technique 

    Technical Data Thickness: 2.0 ± 0.15 mm
    Density: > 1040 kg/m³
    Surface hardness: > 80 shore
    Warpage: < 0.6%
    Quality Assurance The high quality of assured by ISO-9001 manufacturing processes.
    Handling and storage : supplied in a moisture protective packing designed to. provide a barrier against moisture absorption from the atmosphere.
    circuit board Drill board should remain in its original packing until use. Drill backing board should stored. under the same temperature and humidity conditions as in the working area. Rapid change of environmental conditions will cause warp. 

    2.0mm PCB Drill Backing board Features 

    • excellent underlay board no chipping. and free burr properties means lower risk of flute blocking and drill breakage
    • Reduced friction causes less wear on drill cutting edges, improving drill quality
    • Reduced drill burr due to a smooth, hard and very thin overlay
    • No phenolic or resin content to contaminate holes
    • Excellent flatness and tight thickness tolerances
    • Suitable for all drill hole size
    • Usable on both sides without loss of quality. because of symmetrical build-up unique to 

    pcb drilling machine

               Printed circuit boards used in every modern-day   electronics   application.   For   production   standard  boards.  all aspects of board construction  are  carried  out  by machine.  based   on  a   design   created   in   a  computer   aided design package.   But this   type  of  construction   is only cheap   for   boards   which   are  to be  produced in   large quantities.  One   of   the   tasks  involved  in   this   process  is drilling all  of the  holes in  the board. which are  required to hold the  components. In   the  production  level process,  this task carried out using a drilling  device. known as a CNC (Computerized   Controlled)   machine.  which drills  holes    based  on  the  input  from.   an  NC  (Numerical Control) drilling i.e. created by the CAD application. 
          The   aim   of  the   paper  is  to  introduce  a  prototype drilling   machine.   which   takes   its   input   from   imaging sensor   (camera).  The   machine  drill  holes   at  the   correct points on  a printed  circuit board. based on the  input from  the   computer.  which   use   image   processing   techniques   to detect  exact   hole   location   on   sample   PCB. and  direct   the microcontroller to move the motors to the desired location.


  • Description


             With   the   advancement   of   computer technologies.   electronic   machinery   is   being   automated, which   need   less   time   and   less   men-power.   For   this purpose,   we  have  designed  and   built   an  automatic  PCB drilling  machine.  Creating  holes   on  single.   or  multilayer printed   circuit   boards   (PCBs)   is   an   important   stage   in electronic production. Holes of different sizes and at a large  number  of positions (up to thousands). must drilled with high precision for manual. or automatic insertion of various  electronic devices and components. The PCB pattern of the circuit schematic  diagram is.  extracted from a sample PCB using image processing  techniques.  and   stepper  motors used   to  move  drill  to   the   required   position.   

           The   image processing techniques discussed in this paper.   between  used   CNC  CAD based machines  and  our  designed   machine.  will   illustrate the  importance   of  its  role  in  the   PCB industry.   The  project has   been  completed   and  put  in   use (making small scale PCBs).

     PCB drilling machine  features

           CNC machine which carries out operating commands. calculated with the help of a computer. Conventional CNC machines constructed using linear components. such as worm drives, ball races, linear guides and many other. not inexpensive — specialist components. The construction of a linear machine appears very straightforward. select the required components in the appropriate sizes, fit them together. and set the computer going. But the devil is of course in the detail: all the parts must mounted, parallel, true. and free of play, or else things will grind and jam.

          PCB drilling machine is, as far as function and aims concerned, exactly like an X/Y/Z-machine. It can handle circuit boards up to 200 mm by 300 mm with an accuracy of 0.03 mm. which is adequate for our application. Because of its lightweight construction it can move , at almost 80 mm/s. In construction it is different from linear machines. Everything reduced down to two rotating, vertical axles. The only specialist components required are good-quality ball. bearings to support these axles without play. In appearance, the machine resembles a record player. in the middle is a rotating table, on which the workpiece. the circuit board  fixed. Instead of a cartridge we have a drill, which can moved up and down. And in exactly the same way as the tone arm can reach any point on a record. the drill can get to any point where drilling required on the circuit board.

          As well as the rotating table, there is space for more tool arms. which can all operate practically simultaneously on the same circuit board. The advantages are that the job gets done quicker, and no tool changes required.

          The tool can be a drill, which can used for drilling holes for the leads of components. or a milling tool, with which the conductors can milled away. Drilling data taken from one's preferred circuit board design program in Excellon format. all programs are capable of outputting this format. Milling data sent to the machine in the HPGL plotter control language. allowing any desired cutting path to followed. The machine can connected to the printer port of an ordinary PC without extra hardware.

           The machine is not designed for heavy-duty milling operations. If you want to produce milled aluminium front panels, you will have to look elsewhere. The key feature of the machine is its high speed. which can only obtained with a lightweight construction. It is sturdy enough for working on printed circuit boards. but not sturdy enough to withstand the high sideways forces that arise. when milling metals. The machine has to be small and light enough so that it finds a place not in the workshop. but actually on the experimenter's bench


  • Product Advantage

     CNC machine PCB drilling problem

          PCB drilling determined by the increasing technical. and commercial requirements of the electronics industry. The rising level of. integration of the electronic components requires to improve drilling accuracy. and process reliability. At the same time. the prevailing pricing pressure on electronic devices demands a continuous step-up in productivity

         pcb drilling machine application

         A digital high speed, six head multi-spindle machine designed. and used for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) machining.  also suited for non-PCB production applications in metals, plastics, etc.
          This box type machine base and column reinforced. by inner ribs positioned to increase the damping effect of the machine. and increase rigidity. The base and column is a one-piece cast design. aged for four months to stabilize the casting before manufacturing.
           PCB drilling machine features patented NSK pre-tensioned, silent. ball screws installed to meet ultra high-speed positioning requirements.

           The processing of printed circuit boards involves two important cutting procedures. The first is to drill the conducting channel between circuit layers. and fixture the pores for welded components. The second procedure is to cut the PCB into the required dimensions by using a routing machine. PCB has become a vital component in the developed information. communication and electronic industries. Many mainstream PCB producers choose Tongtai Machine Tool's drilling. and routing machines to meet their stringent requirements. and please the requirements of processing speed and precision.
           SD SR series CNC drilling machines have 1 to 7 processing spindles. which are able to fit with various board dimensions. and different sorts of mass production requirements. The machine's main frame. and main components made from stable cast iron. enhancing its processing precision and stability. The Z-axis structure made from light weight and high rigidity aluminum alloy. Not only does this improve the processing efficiency. it also offers good vibration absorptivity. The spindle of the SD series can reach up to 250,000rpm. and equipped with a 400 tools/axis capacity of automatic tool changer system. laser tool measuring system and broken bit detection system. The patented pressure foot has high reliability and high chip collection capability. which can improve the processing accuracy. The SIEB & MEYER controllers can achieve a processing speed of 125us besides to. providing an outstanding human machine interface. thus allowing for accurate depth control functions.
          The function of contact Bit Detection is to judge if the tool, work piece and machine have become a circuit. When the tool is in good condition, the tip of the tool. can touch the surface of the board (has to be conductive material), thus becoming a circuit. But, when the bit broken, the tool will not be able to touch the surface which fails to become a circuit.
           Depth controlled peck drilling is the function. combined with real-time broken bit detection and peck drilling. Machine operators can set the parameters on the control page. and also insert the parameters into the process code to avoid any human errors.

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