pcb drilling machine use 2.0mm wood Backing board

  • Composition

    2.0mm Backing board for high speed pcb drilling machine

     a backing board designed for automatic cnc printed circuit board drill machine.
     recommended for drilling of high-tech micro printed circuit boards, multilayers and flex-rigid boards. 

    Ordering information: drill board is supplied in production ready cut panels in accordance with customers requirements. Panels can be supplied on request with tooling registration holes.

    Disposal backing board is free of phenolic resin and formaldehyde. backup board is non-toxic to mammals and fish. backing board is biodegradable. It may be burned, subject to local legislation, thus providing heat energy.

  • Description

    Precision PCB Drill machine Backing board 
    production technique
    Technical Data Thickness: 2.0 ± 0.15 mm
    Density: > 980 kg/m³
    Surface hardness: > 85 shore
    Warpage: < 0.5%
    Quality Assurance The consistently high quality of is assured by ISO-9001 manufacturing processes.
    Handling and storage : supplied in a moisture protective packing designed to provide a barrier against moisture absorption from the atmosphere.
    Drill board should remain in its original packing until use. Drill backing board should be stored under the same temperature and humidity conditions as in the working area. Rapid change of environmental conditions will cause warp. 

  • Product Advantage

    2.0mm PCB Drill Backing board 
    • excellent underlay board chipping and free flowing extraction properties means lower risk of flute blocking and drill breakage
    • Reduced friction causes less wear on drill cutting edges, improving drill quality
    • Reduced drill burr due to a smooth, hard and very thin overlay
    • No phenolic or resin content to contaminate holes
    • Excellent flatness and tight thickness tolerances
    • Suitable for all drill diameters
    • Usable on both sides without loss of quality because of symmetrical build-up unique to 

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pcb backup board
pcb backup board pcb backup board