Leading white melamine backup board factory for pcb drill

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As a leading factory engaged in supplying a quality PCB back-up board /White melamine backup board with competitive price And quality recycleables material as per the prevailing industrial requirements of quality. 

After more than a decade of building and advancement, Yueshan includes a large-scale production foundation coving a lot more than 35000m2, worldwide standard management program and production line of melamine laminating, offers of having the most recent machinery and technology to be able to help us produce an impeccable prduct range and capacity. 
Yueshan has been one of the most excellent factory of melamine faced board in Pearl River Delta,The annual output has ended 50 million pieces. Later on, Yueshan could keep steady quality and greatest service to earn the trust of clients, therefore to increasing recognition and trustworthiness of the business and make an effort to become probably the most influential and respected businesses in the market. 

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