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 backup board

      pcb drilling material as wood backup board. white melamine laminated wood backup board. white melamine coated wood back up board,MDF,HDF

backup board package step by steps

backup board package

backup board advantages

       White melamine backup board used in the drilling hole of PCB FPC .
-It's a composition of the Melamine paper and wooden fiber board with high density. It's especially made  to replace the Phenolic backup board.
-It's difficult to distort. The warping degree is smaller than the Phenolic backup board.
-It reduces the abrasion of the drill and lengthens the life of drill.
-It can save the cost and it has more sizes.
-It doesn't pollute the environment.
-It can used for the hole on precise multi-layer board. and flexible board.

other PCB material

      PCB base material is an important part of PCB. It determines the PCB board performance and scope of application. Different products have different requirements on the PCB base material. With the development of electronic technology. PCB base material meet more and more challenges. which also push the development of copper clad laminate(CCL).
      CCL has many classify methods. Generally, the reinforcing material of the board is divided into five categories: paper base, glass fiber cloth base, composite base (CEM series), laminated multilayer board base and special material base (ceramic, metal core base, etc.). If the CCL  classified by the adhesive resin, the common. used paper-based CCI, phenolic resin (XPc, XxxPC, FR-1, FR-2, etc.), epoxy resin (FE-3), polyester resin and so on. Glass fiber cloth CCL has epoxy resin (FR-4, FR-5), which is the most used type of glass fiber cloth. Besides, there are some other special resins (such as glass fiber cloth. polyamide fiber, non-woven fabrics): bismaleimide modified triazine resin (BT). polyimide resin (PI) , Diphenylene ether resin (PPO). maleic anhydride imide-styrene resin (MS), polycyclic ester resin, polyolefin resin. and the like.
       Introduction of Material and Parameters of Circuit Board
According to flammability characteristics, we can divide PCB into 94VO, V-1, V-2, 94HB
      94HB: Normal cardboard (non- fireproof. the lowest grade material, cannot made as power plate) 94V0: flame retardant cardboard. 22F: single-sided fiber glass board CEM-1: single-sided fiber glass board. CEM-3: double-sided half-glass board (You can use this material. rather than FR-4 to save $1~$2/ square meter FR-4: double-sided fiber glass board
      Halogen-free base material refers to the material. that does not contain halogen (fluorine, chlorine, bromine). The material which contains Halogen will produce poisonous gas when burning.
      Tg is the vitrification temperature, you can treat it as melting point.
      The circuit board must be resistant to burning. The board cannot burned but it will be soft when heated. At this heated temperature point called vitrification temperature.
      The vitrification temperature (Tg point) related to the durability of PCB. So what is the advantage of high-Tg PCB circuit boards? High-Tg PCB will be from the glass state into rubber state When the temperature rises to a certain degree. So the Tg number referred to maximum temperature (℃) that PCB can still be rigid. Normal PCB base material at high temperature will become softening, deforming, Melting . also get much worse performance in the mechanical, electrical characteristics.
      Normal PCB material Tg point is 130 ℃. Tg point for high Tg PCB is generally greater than 170 ℃. For medium Tg PCB, Tg point is around 150 ° C.
      With high Tg point, high-Tg PCB has better heat resistance. moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stability. and other characteristics. TG
      In the lead-free processing. the high-Tg PCB get wider application because lead-free processing need higher temperature. than processing with lead.
      With the rapid development of the electronics industry. especially in the computer as the representative of the electronic products. electric engineers want PCB with the smaller vias, fine lines. lower thickness, it also need High-Tg material. High Tg PCB is better than normal FR-4 base materials. But the price will be higher.
       Aluminum board is a kind of metal base copper clad board with good heat dissipation ability. And the single layer panel composed of three layers: circuit layer (copper foil). insulating layer. and the metal base. The double-sided board used in high-end design consist of circuit layer. insulation layer, aluminum based. insulating layer, circuit layer. Multilayer Aluminum board is rarely seen. we recommend you to use single layer Aluminum board. or more layers Aluminum board is very expensive.
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