what's main feature of aluminium drill entry sheet for PCB

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1, Thickness 0.14- 0.18mm, component alloy light weight aluminum (1100H18 standrd) to avoid drilling burr upon the surface.
2, With great thermal conductivity, with high-speed procedure, friction and cause warmth, aluminium drill entry sheet for PCB may take the heat produced when drilling aside quickly.
3, With a particular level of rigidity to avoid the plate vibration when drilling, fix the drill, decrease the vibration during procedure to avoid drilling holes due to extreme aperture and hole deviation.
4, Has a specific degree of versatility to avoid the drill little bit when the drill deformation, to ensure that drilling precision can maintain well, avoid the drill pipe scratch the top of PCB, decrease the burr.
5, Uses, ideal for high, moderate and low level PCB drill.

for our rolling aluminum sheet

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