Lubrication Coated Aluminium sheet for PCB

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Aluminium sheet for PCB product

Aluminium coated sheet

coated aluminium sheet

      pre-painted aluminium sheets are coil-coated with a Class 1 PVdF flexible paint system.
PVdF has excellent weathering properties, colour-fastness and UV resistance. and is the most selected finish for construction, giving long life and a unlimited range of

      coated aluminum sheets are color. coated with first class PE/PVDF flexible paint system. PE/PVDF painting has excellent weathering properties, colour-fastness and UV resistance. and is the most commonly selected finish for construction, giving long life. and a unlimited range of colors.

    Coated aluminium board is the entry sheet for mechanical drilling that consists of the lubricating layer and the aluminum sheet.

         The lubricants prevent the drill bits from wearing out and lengthen the life of the drill bits. Furthermore, the stack height can be increased and the drilling cost will be decreased with aluminium board.

      These aluminium coated sheets can punched, guillotined and bent using standard machinery to. provide a finished product. All color coated aluminum sheets have a UV resistant film with directional arrows. applied to the painted surface to protect the finish during fabrication and installation. Our stock range consists of the most commonly used sizes and gauges and we can offer bespoke sizes. colors and thickness subject to order details.


Application scope of lubrication aluminum entry board

-As coated aluminum sheet can promote drilling precision. this product applied for PCB drilling with high precision of hole site. It’s produced for the PCB drilling with micro diameter at 0.1~0.4mm. Besides, coated aluminum sheet. can promote precision of hole site and thickness of plate
-It’s used for currently high-precision and high-density IC carrier plate (package substrate).

Usage of coated aluminum entry board

-Coating side is upward and aluminum side is downward on PCB
-The height of drill point needs to be 1.5~4 times than its diameter for chip removal
-Being pasted above base plate. drilling under drill point is the primary contact surface-
-Notice if tape connected to cover plate
-No fold or scratch allowed on cover plate. 


Advantage of Aluminium board 

Excellent through hole quality
(Less hole wall roughness, less wicking, less resin smear)
Excellent hole position accuracy
Stack heights can be increased
Drill bit life will be prolonged

Effects of PCB Aluminium board 

PCB Aluminium board  is the entry sheet for mechanical drilling that consists of the lubricating layer and the aluminum sheet (70-150microns). The lubricant melts and covers the drill bit while drilling. And the smear occurring is prevented because the friction heat generation between the drill bit and the holes wall is prevented with this phenomenon. And also, the lubricants prevent the drill bits from wearing out and lengthen the life of the drill bits. Furthermore, the stack height can be increased and the drilling cost will be decreased with LE SHEET. Good quality through holes with less wall roughness and less micro crack between the glass fiber and the resin can be made with aluminium board, because the debris can be smoothly discharged with the lubricant. In addition, the lubricant of aluminium board is water soluble and easily removed by water rinse.

The improvement of the through hole quality is key factor for high density interconnect PWB manufacturing. And in the small diameter drilling, it becomes big concern to reduce the cost of drilling. Our lubrication aluminium board meets the both demands.

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