The great way to get real-time thermal data for a PCB

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      Utilizes a high-end, off-line, KIC thermal profiler as our crucial instrument for optimizing typically the reflow profile for every panel.

     These are the great things about utilizing an off-line thermal profiler:

  1.The off-line profiler utilizes standard type K thermocouple connectors. It goes via the oven with target board. Therefore , you seldom need to prepare lengthy wires to hook up every thermocouple.
        2.It provides far better data acquisition to precisely identify what is heading on with each thermal profile and process from the manufacturing line.
  3.Thermal profile data are conveniently transferred in order to a computer via a UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS connection. So, a procedure engineer can analyze and verify the data for solder joint quality easily.
  4.Data Intelligence software such since Navigator Power is in a position to identify the best cooker setup in seconds. A new Process Window Index (PWI) is introduced to verify if the profile is usually getting optimized -- typically the lower the PWI amount, the more centered the particular profile is within the particular process window. A process industrial engineer can use this cause manually adapt the account easily.
           The great way to get real-time thermal data for a PCB
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