The reason why the ground bounces

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     Factors behind Ground Bounce

       The prospective difference between output in addition to ground causes current to move down from typically the output to ground through the lower MOSFET. Typically the inductors use the vitality saved in their permanent magnet fields to ascertain a prospective difference up and across ΔVO and ΔVB that try to resist changes in the magnetic field.
       Even even though they are electrically connected, the potential difference between the output and floor is not immediately in 0 V. Remember that will the output was previously in Vss and the supply of MOSFET B was previously at 0 V prospective. This previous potential distinction can cause current to movement as the output line secretions.
      At the same time that current will be beginning to move from typically the output down to ground, typically the inductive properties of the package create a possible difference across ΔVB plus ΔVO to try to be able to maintain the previously set up magnetic field.
   The inductors LB and LO alter the MOSFET source in addition to drain potentials. That will be a problem as the MOSFET gate voltage is referenced to the ground upon the die-package. The suggestions voltage might no extended be satisfactory to retain the gate open or even cause it to open up multiple times as the routine oscillates close to the gate result in threshold.
      If the circuit switches again, a similar set regarding circumstances will cause any to be established across ΔVA that decrease typically the source voltage of MOSFET A below a activating threshold.
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