I have a good way to Enhance electroplating of PCB

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     Printed Circuit Board PCB BoardBackground of Research

  Miniaturization of electronic products is developing in a dramatic speed in past decade. Under this circumstance, printed circuit board industries coming up with this trend.
  Printed circuit board production development
  Single side =>Double side =>Multi-layer=>High Density Interconnection (HDI)
  The difficulties of production in printed circuit board increase with the circuit density.
  The followings are the comparison of typical capability and the HDI.
electroplating of PCB

  In the production of high density circuit, we have to face the following problem in plating

  1. Uneven distribution
  2. Poor throwing power
  3. Burnt deposits
  Pulse plating is the solution that can minimized the difficulties we in the copper plating process.


  1. To enhance the metal distribution uniformity
  2. To increase productivity of plating by changing the physical parameter of the plating conditions.

pcb backup board
pcb back up board backup material