How to creat a dry package

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       Making a dry package

        Now that you understand the pieces regarding a dry package, youre probably wondering: but just how do I put that completely? Not to get worried – we’ve got a person covered! If you adhere to actions, you will generate a secure dry package deal and your PCBs will be protected – against ElectroStatic Discharge and moisture.
        You can put desiccant and HIC on the tray stack. Trays carry the devices. Keep in mind to store desiccant in an air tight pot until it used.

        Dry Packaging - Step one

        You can put MSL label upon the bag and note the proper level on the label.
 dry package

        Dry Packaging - Step 2

        Location the tray stack (with desiccant and HIC) directly into the moisture barrier handbag.
    dry package

        Dry Packaging - Stage 3

        Using a vacuum cleaner sealer, remove some associated with the air from the bag, and heat seal off the bag closed. It is not good to be able to take all the air out from the bag. Only minor examination is needed to be able to allow the bag to match inside a box.
    dry package

       Dry out Packaging - Step four

  Now your devices are safe from moisture in addition to ESD.
       dry package

       Dry Packaging : Step 5

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