What's Solder Mask

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  Solder mask, also known as solder resist or solder-stop mask/coating, is a slim coating covering copper traces without requirement of soldering on the printed circuit table (PCB) on both top part and bottom aspect to help ensuring PCB reliability and powerful. Resin is usually chosen as the best materials of solder mask since it works excellent in conditions of humidity level of resistance, insulation, solder level of resistance and temperature level of resistance plus aesthetics.

  It's believed that a lot of PCBs are considered to maintain green color that is in fact the colour of solder mask green essential oil. However, solder mask can be shown in various colors including green, white, blue, dark, red, yellow-colored etc. Different colors are applied predicated on different needs. electronic.g. some RDs have a tendency to grab red solder mask for prototypes in the stage of NPI (New Creation Introduction to make them unique from mass-produced planks). Dark solder mask is chosen merely to be appropriate for the colour of end product enclosure when those planks have to be partially or completely exposed.

  Even two edges of the same little bit of panel possibly contain solder mask with different colors. Take Arduino Uno plank foe example:


Solder Mask
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