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     Breakage Life

      Tool life is usually evaluated by measuring the routed distance, at the idea of tool failing (Destructive Test)

     Swarf Evacuation

       Evaluated by calculating the routed range to the stage where indicators of swarf become noticeable in the routed slot.

     Tool Diameter Reduction

      Evaluated after routing, simply by measuring the size from the optional stage of the bit stage.

      Routing Dimension Accuracy

       An instrument diameter offset is applied, predicated on the measured diameter of the brand new router bit before make use of. A 20mm square check piece is definitely routed out (anti-clockwise) and the materials can be "clipped out" for measurement.

Router / Evaluation method

Router / Evaluation method

  Check piece is clipped right out of the substrate, the space and width are measured with the microscope, and the parameter precision is investigated.

  Calculation Formula

  Routing Dimension Precision = (W1 + W2) / 2

  Tool Bending Amount = [20 - (W1 + W2) / 2] / 2


        burr is evaluated by routed range until indications of burr occurs, because which point range routed and size and quantity of burr are controlled.

Router / Evaluation method

         Routed Surface Roughness

  Burr evaluation of exterior copper layerRouted Surface area RoughnessThe routed surface area roughness is certainly evaluated by a visible check.

  The roughness may also be measured by a surface area roughness check machine, if needed, for precise values.

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