Choosing The Right Connectors For PCB

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       PCBs are boards made of a non-conductive material which has conductive lines published or etched on it. Electronic components are installed on the board, and the traces connect those to form a working routine. A highly effective PCB design is crucial in deciding the performance of any device. There are numerous parameters which impact the efficiency of a PCB.

  A small connection footprint makes the PCB design less complicated together with reducing the cost. As data rates are rising exponentially, the sign losses at the time of insertion are extremely critical. Internal structure and the contacts of the fittings play a substantial role in improving the sign strength and reducing the insertion losses. Improving the airflow and channel impedance can also enhance the signal interface.

  A tiny contact pitch reduces the size of the connectors and so facilitates smaller boards and backplanes. With regard to instance, connector receptacles can be mounted in seite an seite with a smaller frequency; the tiny receptacle footprint will facilitate a reduction in the connector size.

  Apart from this, many sectors today are demanding high speed, high-density connectors to suit a myriad of high-performance applications. BergStak® is one such offering that cannot be ignored. BergStak®has continued to maintain their popularity and demand as its introduction.

Choosing The Right Connectors For PCB

  The product range originally was introduced as BergStak® 0. 80mm, one of the most flexible solutions in the market for thick applications. Later, the product range was further expanded to meet the needs of advanced applications.

  For 0. 80mm pitch, BergStak+™ is designed to be the next generation Pci-e 4. 0 compliant mezzanine connector system. Also, the 0. 80mm pitch is extended to a “Lite” version called BergStak® Några and it is the most affordable solution for applications that require less stringent requirements.

  BergStak® Lite 0. 8mm is an extensive, versatile and flexible solution designed for high speed and high density, parallel board-to-board connector system with 16 PCB bunch heights in 4 sizes up to 100 opportunities. This version uses Gold Flash plating that can meet up to 55 mating cycles while stretching the mechanical benefit of the standard BergStak® 0. 80mm. The stack height overall flexibility of BergStak® Lite zero. 8mm supports evolving designs and emerging mechanical requirements with a common matching interface.

  Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) shielding are important for higher data rates. Specific mounting and termination systems ensure protection against the EMI and ESD outcomes. This should be looked at while choosing connectors for your PCB.

  Shielded and right angle configurations are also introduced to complement the existing offering.

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