How should we avoid the problem of resin plugging technology

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      How should we prevent such problems?

       Controlling the particular fullness of the interior layer HDI plug gap is a necessary problem for protecting against the surge plate; if the put hole is selected following your line, the time among the plug hole and the press-fit as well as the cleanness of the board surface should be controlled.

      The protrusion control regarding the resin needs in order to control the grinding in addition to flattening of the plant;

     What are the campaign measures of resin inserting technology?

      With all the increasing effectiveness in the using botanical plugging technology plus the successful solution of stubborn issues such as bubbles, resin plugging technology is continually being promoted. For illustration, HDI are employed for plant plug hole filling, inner layer HDI buried opening VIP process of laminated HDI structure, etc .
      At existing, in the industry regular (IPC-650), it appears of which the copper thickness about the hole in the botanical plugging technology will not be offered. The potential risk is the fact once the copper plating on the hole but plant plugging is thin, whenever it encounters the surface area treatment of the inner layer HDI line in addition to the browning treatment, typically the thin copper on the particular orifice may be drilled by the laser drill down hole, and it will be impossible to judge the situation during the electric test. Thus, the quality regarding this thin layer associated with copper is absolutely a potential question regarding high pressure opposition.
     On this issue, based to our experimental info, if the copper width above the buried opening is more than 15um, which meets the specifications of the copper width of the Hoz, there is certainly generally no quality abnormality. Of course, if typically the customer includes a higher connection requirement, it will be another make a difference.
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