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  The existing flowing within an electric circuit not only is dependent upon the voltage pressing this current around but also on the resistance of the cables, contacts and components that define the circuit. Level of resistance, ( R ) of the circuit is its capability to resist or avoid the circulation of current (electron movement) through itself which makes it essential to apply a larger voltage to the electric circuit to cause the existing to stream again. Level of resistance opposes current circulation.

  The quantity of resistance a circuit component has determines if the component is a "good conductor" with low resistance, or a "bad conductor" (insulator) with high resistance or someplace in between.

  Low resistance, for example one ohm or less means that the circuit is an excellent conductor created from materials with plenty of free electrons in its valence shell.Types of good conductors are usually metals such as copper, aluminium, gold, metallic or nonmetals such as carbon, mercury plus some acids and salts.

  Level of resistance is the opposition to current flowing around a power circuit. The device of resistance is the Ohm

  High resistance, one mega-ohm or even more indicates the circuit is a poor conductor of electricity created from insulating materials without free electrons, or tightly grouped electrons in its valence shell. Types of insulators include cup, porcelain, rubber, pvc (polyvinyl chloride) plastics, nutrient oils and dried out wooden or paper, etc.


  The SI device of resistance is the Ohm with Greek sign W (Omega). A conductor is thought to have a resistance of 1 ohm when one volt causes one ampere of current to movement through it. Remember that Resistance can't be negative in value only positive and in AC circuits, AC resistance equals DC resistance, ZR = R.

  The most frequent prefixes used are: Kilo-ohms ( kW = 103W) and Mega-ohms ( MW = 106W )

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