What are Pros and Cons of Gerber File?

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Much like every other file format in existence, the Gerber file format has its pros and cons.

       The pros include:

  • One of the easiest file formats to build and use
  • One of the most common file formats in use today
  • Supported by free file-viewing software

  The cons include:

  • Requires multiple files, depending on the format
  • All files need examining before fabrication
  There are other file formats in use as well. The main competitor to the Gerber file format is the ODB++ format, which has an advantage in its single-file nature - one ODB++ file contains all the pieces needed for stacking up the PCB layers, drilling the requisite holes and performing any masking.

What are Pros and Cons of Gerber File?

  ODB++ has its own pros and cons, too. Like the Gerber file, the ODB++ file is common, checked for quality and has a DFM check as part of the fabrication routine. However, one of the things that might make a manufacturer pick ODB++ over Gerber is the ease of import to the chosen fabricator, especially when compared to Gerber's ASCII output.
  The main problem with ODB++ is that it's more complicated than Gerber, making it possibly more prone to errors when encoding. In addition, it's designed as a different image format, meaning some fabricators that can use the Gerber .gbr file may not be able to use the ODB++ file format.

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