What will hapeen in PCB type automobile relay market

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       Automotive plug-in vehicle is broadly divided into the relay and relay PCB ( printed circuit board ) of two categories automobile relay , wherein the main relay plug-in vehicles fitted in the central control box , with the use of the harness over the PCB type , the greater the volume , carrying higher and higher costs, ease of installation and replacement ; PCB automobile and more for automotive relay module , the more plug , the smaller the degree of integration and a higher peripheral electronic circuits lower cost . Market requirements for automotive products towards the relay miniaturization, intelligence , large load other direction.
  According to forecasts, in 2008 the global automotive relay total demand will reach 2.3 billion , of which automobile relay PCB about 55% , and with the people on the car humane, and constantly improve the comfort of the requirements of this proportion will continue to increase . Meanwhile, consumers in the car ride safety, comfort, entertainment and other aspects of the requirements of continuous improvement , the car 's designers had to make the existing automotive electronics modules and electronic circuits to improve or redesign , which will PCB relay for automobile propose new performance requirements. Furthermore , with the conventional automotive electronic module PCB relay switch , there will be replaced by new automotive electronic circuit solutions . These vendors will bring both technology and price pressures.
  For flash controller , the controller delay , in the future of automotive electronic systems, designers will put the car flash control , delay control and other functions more integrated in the main control module , making these products in the future market demand will be reduced gradually , and may be replaced by PCB relays.

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