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     •Professional manufacture of PCBs is typically done through the use of CAD-independent files:

  –Gerber Files – describe the copper foil layout

  –Drill Files (often in the Excellon format) – describe the location and size of holes

  •Both are meant for direct use with automated PCB production equipment.


     •Exellon Drill File

  •Excellon Files provide a command sequence to a system that drills PCBse

  •This equipment (or its computer driver) has an interpreter that receives and executes the commands in sequence.

  •The next two slides describe the list of commands that are interpreted.

  Source: “Norme Excellon”, available at http://www.forelec.ch/www/norme_excellon.htm, accessed 12 Feb 2008 (dead link at 26 Jan 2011).

  Excellon file format is governed by ANSI/IPC-NC-349 .

  % Rewind and Stop

  X#Y# Move and Drill

  T# Tool Selection

  M30 End of Program

  M00 End of Program

  M25 Beginning of Pattern

  M31 Beginning of Pattern

  M01 End of Pattern

  M02 X#Y# Repeat Pattern R#M02X#Y# Multiple Repeat Pattern M02 X#Y# M70 Swap Axis

  M02 X#Y# M80 Mirror Image X Axis M02 X#Y# M90 Mirror Image Y Axis M08 End of Step and Repeat

  N# Block Sequence Number

  / Block Delete

  R#X#Y# Repeat Hole

  G05, G81 Select Drill Mode

  G04 X# Variable Dwell (ignored)

  G90 Absolute Mode

  G91 Incremental Mode

  G92 X#Y# Set Zero

  G93 X#Y# Set Zero

  M48 Program Header to first "%"

  M47 Operator Message CRT Display

  M71 Metric Mode

  M72 English-Imperial Mode

  Snn Spindle Speed (RPM)

  Fnn Z axis feed speed (IPM)

  Typically, only a subset of these commands are used.

  File Formats: Excellon Drill File Example

  % Reset and rewind.

  M48 Start of header.

  M72 Imperial (English) Mode: units in inches

  T01C0.0420 Tool 1 Change: to 42 mil

  T02C0.0860 Tool 2 Change: to 86 mil T03C0.0350 :

  T04C0.0520 :

  T05C0.1250 :

  T06C0.0354 :

  T07C0.0280 :

  T08C0.1520 Tool 8 Change: 152 mil

  % End of Header: Drill data follows

  T01 Select Tool 1 (42 mil)

  X2120Y1112 Drill at (2120 mil,1112 mil)

  : (Lots of data removed)

  T08 Select Tool 8 (152 mil)

  X3645Y262 Drill at (3645 mil, 262 mil)

  : (Data removed)

  M30 End of program.

 •Sample of a drilling machine doing its job:


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