How to distinguish PCB circuit board layers

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       PCB copy board electronics industry technology Zhuo step soaring , PCB copy board each have their own copy of experts door panel technology , the following is an expert on how PCB copy board PCB circuit boardlayers how to identify skills .

  PCB copy plate board substrate itself is insulated with a material that does not bend easily made ​​into . Can be seen on the surface of fine copper wiring material , the copper foil is covered in the original copy of the PCB board , and part of the manufacturing process, an etching process is away , leaving to become part of a fine mesh line up . These lines are called , said wire or wires , and to provide a circuit board PCB connection part. PCB board are usually color or green brown color which is a solder mask . An insulating protective layer can protect the wire can be prevented from being welded to the part not the right place . Now use plywood on the motherboard and graphics card , you can greatly increase the wiring area . Multilayer spend more single- or double-sided wiring board , and put the insulating layer laminated between each board. PCB board layers on behalf of several layers separate wiring layers , layers are generally even, and contains the outermost layers , a common PCB board is generally 4 to 8 layers.

  Many layers of the PCB can be seen by watching the PCB section . But in fact, no one can have such a good eye. So, here to teach you one way.

  Multilayer circuit connection is often used by blind and buried vias and technology , the motherboard and graphics card 4-layer PCB board , but some are using 6,8 layer , or even 10 layers PCB board. To be seen is how many layers PCB copy board , by observing the vias can identify, because the motherboard and graphics card using 4-layer is the first , the fourth layer alignment, other layers of other purposes ( ground and power ) . So, as with the double plate , pilot hole will punch through the PCB . If any pilot hole in the front of the PCB , but can not be found on the reverse side , then it must be 6 / 8 laminates it. If both sides of the PCB can be found in the same pilot hole , naturally it is a 4 layer board . Tip: The motherboard or graphics card toward the light source , if the location of vias can light, it shows a 6 / 8 laminates ; contrary is 4 layers .

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