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     What’s a Via?

  Via is one of the key the different parts of a multi coating PCB, the price of drilling can depend on 30% to 40% of the full total board cost.

  As everybody knows, printed circuit table is superimposed by copper foil circuit level upon coating, and the bond between the various circuit layers is the via.

  The three most common via are plating through opening, blind gap and buried opening. Below are the facts of the three types of PCB via gap.


  Plating Through Hole(PTH)

  Plating through opening is the most typical via, simply take up PCB and face to the light, when you can start to see the light, then it's the “through gap”. PTH is also the easiest kind of opening because it simply need to use drill or laser beam light to produce a full borehole, and the price is relatively cheap. However, many circuit layer don't need plating through gap. Although PTH is a lot cheaper, sometimes, it could use even more PCB space.

  Blind Via Hole(BVH)

  Connect the outermost circuit of the PCB and the adjacent internal level with plated through-hole, since we can not see the reverse, so it is named “blind complete”. To be able to boost the space usage of PCB circuit coating, blind via opening happened. Please note that creation method requires special focus on the depth of the gap (Z axis) should be appropriate. Minimal PCB producer adopt this type of method because the difficult of opening plating.

  Buried Via Hole (BVH)

  Buried via gap connects to any circuit level of PCB but do not move to the external coating. This process can't be done using the technique of bonding after drilling, it must maintain the average person circuit level when the implementation of drilling, the first area of the inner bonding following the first plating treatment, and lastly all the bonding. Buried via keep need additional time than the initial “through-hole” and “Blind opening”, so its’ price also the priciest. This technique is usually found in high-density (HDI) circuit planks to raise the other circuit coating can be utilized space.

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