What is the effect of Current Sense Resistors Lower PCB Temp

2018-11-23 17:40Writer: qyadminReading:
  The flameproof BR Series open-element, radial-leaded current sense resistors raise their elements off of the PCB, allowing maximum heat transfers to the ambient air.
  They promise to lower PCB temperatures by as much as 20ºC compared to similar molded or ceramic housed components of similar size. An all-welded design enables an inductance of less than 10 nH and a current handling up to 70A.
  The components are available in resistance values as low as 2.5 milliohms, 1W, 3W, and 5W power ratings with tolerances down to 1%, and with TCRs down to ±20 ppm. Prices range from $0.14 each to $0.33 each/1,000.

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