Tips I Wish I Knew Before PCB Surface Finishes

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    Which type of PCB Finish should I use?

  The ultimate way to answer this question is most likely to compare the types of PCB surface coatings against a couple of well-defined characteristics that will likely affect your decision. An excellent list of features should include the next:

  1.Lead-free solder - Adheres to limitations of hazardous substances (ROHS)rules.

  2.Managing sensitivity - Vunerable to contaminants or breakage from managing.

  3.Wire bondable - With the capacity of developing good wire certain connections.

  4.Tight pitch - Could be used for limited pitch components, such as ball grid arrays (BGAs).

  5.Contact utilization - Cen the contact be utilized for contacts.

  6.Shelf life - Has good shelf life, can be stored for half a year are more.

  7.Additional expense - Typically provides cost to your PCB production.

  Now, with a couple of comparison qualities, we can better strategy the question which kind of PCB complete to use.

  Comparision of Types of PCB Surface Finishes

    The characteristics above are essential and may be used to help you select the best kind of PCB surface complete. However, you should seek advice from your contract producer (CM) for specific cost variations and other factors that may impact your decision, like additional turnaround time, for example.

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