The knoeledge of PCB Manufacturing Methods and Warning

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Manufacturing Methods

  There are many manufacturing methods (and hybrids) that can be used to create a board. We will take a look at three:

  1. Milled PCBs ← usual course method

  2. Professionally Manufactured PCBs

  3. Hobbyist Etched PCBs

  Manufacturing Tolerances and Constraints

  • The PCB must be designed according to the constraints imposed by the manufacturing process.

  • See PCB Fabrication Parameters on the course web page for a list of parameters.

  • Recall that 1 mil = 0.001” (a thousandth of an inch).

  • Minimum and maximum board size, and “feature size” are of particular importance.


  • Regardless of the method of manufacture, the PCB ends up existing in the real world and needs to accept the components it is designed for.

  Check and double-check footprints, hole sizes and other physical features.

  • Even the smallest of design errors will make a board difficult to use.

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