The Key To Do PCBA Burn-In Test

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        So as to ensure the stability in addition to reliability of PCBA products, following your PCBA processing is completed, it is best to conduct a new informal inspection of Burn-In Test.

        what is the key goal?

  Burn-In Test is to be able to simulate by combining typically the high temperature, low temp, everywhere temperature changes in addition to energy. The daily make use of environment of the item exposes defects of PCBA, such as poor soldering, component parameter mismatch, and faults caused during debugging, in an attempt to eradicate and improve, and the non-defective PCBA board will play a new stable parameter role.

       how many standards it offers?

  For PCBA Burn-In Test. An individual will be simple to locate the general problems by according to these three ones.
      1. Low temperature operation: After the PCBA panel is located at a new temperature of -10±3°C with regard to 1h, under this problem, all the procedures ought to be run with typically the rated load, 187V and 253V, and the treatment should be correct.
      2. High-temperature work: After inserting the PCBA board at 80±3°C/h, under this disorder, along with load, 187V and 253V, all programs should be powered on, and the program should be correct.
   3, high temperature and high moisture work: the PCBA panel beneath the conditions of temperature 65 ± 3 ° C, humidity 90-95%, moment 48h, with rated load power running each plan, each procedure should be correct.

     Do you know the specific methods?

    1. You can put PCBA table at ambient temperature in to the heat aging products at the same heat, plus the PCBA board is usually in operation.
    2. Lessen the temperature within the equipment to the specified temp at a specified level. Following your temperature in typically the equipment has stabilized, the particular PCBA board should end up being exposed to low temp devote h.
 3. Increase the temperature within the products to the specified heat at a specified level. After the temperature inside the equipment has stable, the PCBA board should be exposed to hot temperature for 2 h.
 4. Slow up the temperature inside products to room temperature from a specified rate, do it again until the specified getting older time, and measure and record the PCBA board in accordance with the specified aging moment.
   After the above method Burn-In Test, the PCBA board can be properly brought to the customer. Typically the benefit from this really is that typically the customer is assured of which the repair rate is very low and the high quality is far more stable.
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