One important factor in PCB design---Teamwork

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       Everyone mixed up in design, fabrication, and assembly of complicated, fine-pitch PCBs must interact as a team to accomplish low-cost and reliable products. The times of tossing circuit diagrams on the cubical wall structure to the PCB developer who then tosses these to the assembly merchant have died. Most PCB designs being done today need a team strategy and the whole process, from component selection to assembly, requires careful coordination.

  The normal team comprises users from four sub-teams that represent the four major steps in product fabrication: the component supplier (semiconductors, passives, mechanical, etc.), the PCB developer, the PCB fabricator, and the PCB assembly supplier. In some instances there could be additionalmembers or some people may do several job.

  Each one of the associates brings their own encounters and design recommendations to carry on the duty. Because of this, it isn't unusual to find conflicting suggestions. These conflicts must be solved before the start of work. Unresolved conflicts will lead to poor assembly produces at best or 100% failing at worst. Continuous and regular communication is the main element to resolving conflicts and everyone must maintain the loop.

  Become familiar with your associates and make sure to have regular meetings as the task arises from design through creation. It'll be time and money well spent.

  An excellent romantic relationship with the other associates of your team assures that your business doesn't have to be the expert in every of the areas. Contacting the experience of the others of your team assures the best probability of the manufacturable design.

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