High frequency PCB market ,what will be?

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  Wireless infrastructure needed to provide adequate low insertion loss , in order to effectively improve energy efficiency. With the advent of 4G services , products need to provide a wider RF bandwidth, and is backward compatible with 3G, 2G services. Meanwhile, the base becomes increasingly smaller and lighter , and installed to the top of the tower , which also prompted to develop miniaturized circuit boards.
  In terms of tablet PCs and other handheld devices , many manufacturers are looking for ways to make the antenna miniaturization material. Many handheld device contains an antenna ( Bluetooth , Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS ) , the antennas installed in a small space, and can not interfere with each other . Meanwhile, each company is different antenna design , you need to have flexibility. This circuit board material made ​​high demands.
  To address these needs , Rogers ( Rogers ) this year to develop a RO4 3 6 0G2 (RO4 360 second-generation product , relative to the first generation of products, higher relative thermal index ) high frequency circuit board materials , RO4 835 high-frequency circuit boards material , RO470 0JXR series (RO472 5JXR and RO4730JXR) antenna grade laminates and RO3010 high dielectric constant materials and other products . Rogers , vice president of Asia -Pacific Markets Company Liu Jianjun , said: " These products have been made ​​but there are few customers demand , but when the product launch , there are many customers became interested in this ."
  Yang Xi Rogers Advanced Circuit Materials Division Asia Pacific market development manager , said the application of high-frequency plate is very broad and can cover most of the market applications: base station amplifier design requirements used in high-power, low insertion loss of material ; antenna applications require a certain hardness of the plate , and there are very good indicators of passive intermodulation ; automotive applications require sheet with long-term reliability , and can withstand high temperatures ; application types on mobile phones and high-speed circuit is also very rich.
  Amplifier design very seriously and insertion loss performance of heat dissipation plate . Rogers has a RO3 0 3 5 HTC plates, which insertion loss is 0. 0017 , the thermal conductivity of 1.44 , ideal for power amplifier applications. Small insertion loss means less heat generated , plus good thermal conductivity, the heat can be dissipated quickly , so that the surface temperature of the circuit board and the amplifier tube temperature.
  In antenna applications , the insertion loss is important , but more important is the passive intermodulation . Rogers antenna grade laminates RO4725JXR and RO4730JXR it has good intermodulation index . Meanwhile , in some scenarios the antenna , it is also required to have certain hardness or multilayer design. RO470 0JXR series plate hydrocarbon -based resin system with sufficient hardness and can be the same as FR-4 sheet multi- processing and mixed pressure , ideally suited for such applications .
  Automotive radar applications is an area of ​​high growth , compared with last year's market last year, compared with the previous annual doubled. Automotive applications require high temperature, and has good long-term reliability . Antioxidant properties Rogers RO4835 high frequency circuit board material is RO4 3 5 0 times B can be used at high temperatures for a long time , and Dk ( dielectric constant ), Df ( loss tangent ) changes are very limited.
  Yang Xi said the development trend of the board is to provide lower insertion loss , better cooling , wider bandwidth , higher rates . Rogers made ​​a lot of sense this year to try , such as the introduction of higher dielectric constant sheet, its optional range of 1.96 to 10.2 . Whether it is to reduce the size and increase isolation, or want to enhance heat dissipation throughout the amplifier , you can find the products at Rogers plate series.

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