What Is a Gerber File?

2018-11-23 17:45Writer: qyadminReading:
       A Gerber, or Gerber Extended File, is a standard file format used in the electronics industry to store and communicate design blueprints. They're often used to convey information regarding manufacturing specifications of printed circuit boards. At their core, Gerber files are like PDFs for electronics manufacturing industry. Have you ever gone through an X-ray inspection in a hospital when you suffered from a fracture of bones? You can totally imagine a Gerber file as an X-ray image of a real PCB.   
  American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) characters designate the information inside Gerber files. Since a computer can only understand information as sets of numbers, ASCII code works as a numerical representation of non-numerical symbols, such as "A" or the @ sign.
  At the time of its creation, Gerber files used strings of ASCII as a way to call out instructions to a machine called a "photoplotter," which used the instructions as a means to expose a picture on a piece of film by controlling a light source, which is one of leading steps in PCB Manufacturing Process.

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