Attention! Give you Top 10 Free PCB Design Software

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  Printed circuit boards (PCB) are used in almost all kinds of electronic equipment nowadays. Various software are used in order to design these boards before they are put out for production. These software are compatible with various platforms and have different levels of functionality.

  1. ZenitPCB

  This is a flexible and easy to use CAD program that can be used for designing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

  2. FreePCB

  This is a free and open source PCB editor that runs on Windows and was released under the GNU General Public License.

  3. TinyCAD

  This program comes with a symbol library of its own and can be usd in order to draw circuit diagrams.

  4. Osmond PCB

  This is a printer circuit board designing tool that works on Apple's Mac platforms.

  5. BSch3V

  This program has basic functions only and is a schematic capture program for Windows.

  6. ExpressPCB

  This is an easy to to learn and use PCB designing software that is quite useful for first time users.

  7. Kicad

  This program can be used for the creation of printer circuit boards and electronic schematic diagrams.

  8. gEDA

  This is a quite popular software that works on Linux. It has been used fr electrical circuit design, prototyping, simulation, schematic capture and production.

  9. Fritzing

  This software allows the user to produce electronic circuits, while also teaching them more about them.

  10. DesignSpark PCB

  This software has been designed to reduce the design to production time. It is one of the most popular electronics design software.

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