How to select the Color of PCB Solder Mask

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  If you're up for selecting the imprinted boards, some guidelines require to be studied into consideration. One of these is choosing the colour of the PCB solder mask. Though green is the most traditional color being utilized but other colors like yellow-colored, white and dark, that are also available that will not require any extra charges at the majority of the changing times. As there is certainly an array of colors designed for PCB solder mask, the problem is which color must be chosen and any kind of advantages or drawbacks to choosing any color apart from green. Listed below is the tiny guide which will assist you in choosing different solder mask color apart from standard green color:

  ♦ Red:

  Red solder mask color is commonly strong and professional. The contrast present between planes, areas and traces are very good.

  On the other hand to the green published circuit table, the contrast is leaner. Any magnification is utilized for inspecting the panel traces in case there is defects. It really is to be mentioned that silkscreen may stand against red history well as it cleans in the flux residues. Though red appears attractive, eye-catching and daring, green continues to be considered the best.

  ♦ Blue:

  PCB color blue for solder mask resembles the same Arduino blue color. When compared with red and green imprinted circuit planks, the comparison between empty areas, planes, and traces is suprisingly low. In case there is blue solder mask color, magnification is known as necessary and it is required for inspecting the defects of production.

  However, it is usually to be observed that the comparison between your solder mask and silkscreen is quite high this is the advantage for using blue color. So, if you are utilizing a plank with the label - heavy then your right choice, in cases like this, might be blue for you.

  Understand that blue appears to be a great choice if you would like to complement solder mask color with your Arduino and you don't care about revealing board traces.

  ♦ Dark:

  Dark PCB color is difficult to take care of. The contrast between vacant areas, planes, and traces isn't just lower when compared with other solder mask colors, but it is non - existent. Very powerful magnification is necessary for the inspection of the table. Inspecting it is only a headache as it requires a tilted position for casting shadow to find traces.

  Another problem with dark PCB color is its warmth absorption through the procedure for reflow. So far as cleanliness can be involved, the dark solder mask needs hard attempts because the flux unsightly stains have a tendency to be harder on the panel and finally require efforts so you can get removed.

  Among the benefits of a dark solder mask is that it's working well with the comparison of silkscreen. The difference between silkscreen and pads are just about well. You certainly do not need any light or optics to start to see the comparison as it is seen. Presently, only gloss dark is available. Matte dark solder mask color continues to be to be created for prototypes.

  ♦ White:

  If you believe that dark solder mask is hardest to take care of, then you never have seen white yet. Tests show that there surely is absolutely nothing good about white solder mask. White PCB color exhibits comparison that is even cheapest when compared with black. With regards to inspecting, even tilting it to light will not assist in its traces’ appearance. Cleaning the white published circuit plank is too much as traces are hard to be observed. However, the silkscreen contrasts in white solder mask will be the identical to that are located in dark color which means that they work nicely. Keeping because other guidelines, we don’t recommend the white solder mask.

  ♦ Yellow-colored:

  It really is to the shock that why designers and engineers do not choose yellowish PCB color. The contrast between bare areas, traces, and planes is too much in yellow-colored solder mask. It really is almost as identical to with green. If you involve some fantastic routing as well as your imprinted circuit table is some cool masterpiece of design, then this dark and coppery coloured yellowish solder mask is a good choice for you.

  As white silkscreen is not contrasting well, you may use dark silkscreen with yellow-colored solder mask. It's been seen that it'll create positive results for your developing and working. Also, so as to yellowish solder mask will not give any issues with cleanliness. Yellowish is highly recommended along with green and red colors, dependant on its exceptional performance parameters.
  So, this is focused on different solder mask colors. With regards to the guide talked about above, it'll get convenient that you should choose the best color for the next project.

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