Where is Conformal Coating PCBs Used?

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At the very beginning, conformal coating was only used for PCBs belonging to high-tech field. Since electronic products have been increasingly applied in people's daily life, consumers start to pay more attention to the quality and reliability of electronic products. As a result, the application of conformal coating plays an essential role in assisting in effectively improving product quality and decreasing expense to handle breakdowns.

 Typical application fields of conformal coating or conformal coating PCBs include:

  a. Consumer Electronics. Conformal coating provides protection for circuits serving for home appliances so that they can defeat the following issues:

  • Water and Detergent (washing machine, dishwasher, sanitary products, outdoor LED)
  • Bad External Environment (monitor, security and fireproof alarm systems)
  • Chemical Substances (air conditioner, dryer)
  • Contaminants in Office and Home (computer, microwave oven) • Others

       b. Automotive Industry. Electronic systems have been constantly called for so the application of conformal coating can meet the fundamental demands in terms of long-term reliability of automotives. Automotive industry calls for conformal coating in order to keep from the following hazards: gasoline vaporization, salt fog or brake fluid.
  c. Aerospace. Due to specificity of application environment, aerospace environment sets extremely rigorous needs for electronic device, which is especially true when rapid compression and decompression are concerned. Thus, pressure stability of conformal coating has received wide applications.
  d. Navigation. Both fresh water and salty sea-water tend to cause damage to the circuits in the sailing equipment. The application of conformal coating can protect equipment on the surface and below the sea water on the largest extent.
  e. Medical Care. Conformal coating is capable of protecting electronic devices from erosion that may be led by external chemical agent or special application environment so that they can run consistently and smoothly.

  How to Prepare for Well-Performed Conformal Coating in PCB Design Phase?

  To obtain optimal conformal coating on your PCBs or PCBAs, there are some preparations you can make during your PCB design phase.
  • Conformal Coating PCB boards that'll go through assembly must contain technical rail that should be at least 5mm.
  • The maximum size of Conformal Coating PCB boards that'll go through assembly is 410mm*410mm while that of is 10mm*10mm.
  • The maximum height of components assembled on Conformal Coating PCB boards is 80mm.
  • The shortest distance between area with conformal coating and without conformal coating is 3mm.
  • Complete cleaning enables the complete elimination of eroded contaminants and makes conformal coating solidly stuck to the surface of circuit boards. It's optimal to keep the thickness of conformal coating within the range from 0.1mm to 0.3mm and bake the board for 10 to 20 minutes within 60°C.
  During conformal coating application, some components can never receive conformal coating including high-power components with heat delivery surface or heat sink, power resistor, power diode, cement resistor, DIP switch, adjustable resistor, buzzer, battery holder, fuse holder, IC holder, tact switch etc.

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