A Can't-Miss Opportunity in China PCB

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Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)  in China

  Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) play a significant role. as a connecting link between the preceding. and the following in electronics information industry. ICs (Integrated Circuits) can never put in place their functions without a PCB. military products. consumer electronic products. and high-tech electronic products can never perform without a PCB. Furthermore, a PCB board represents the achievement of modern science and modern management. As a basis of electronics information industry, PCB fabrication has. become a pillar industry of electronics information.
  As supporting devices of electronic components and carriers of electrical connection. PCB output has accounted for more than a quarter of. that of electronic component industry with industry output up to 60 billion dollars. Due to her advantages such as massive domestic demand. low labor cost and optimal associated industries, up to now. China PCB output has become one of leading countries producing PCB boards. around the world. exceeding the US and second only to Japan. China has become the largest PCB supply base. around the world and China PCB has become a can't-miss opportunity. for world-known OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and electronic product manufacturers. This article will tell you why.

Active Support Deriving from China's Policies

          As a strategic, basic and guiding pillar industry for China's economy. electronics information industry. has become a significant supporting power for transformation. and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. that on a large extent depend on the development of PCB board industry. Recent years have seen a series of policies, laws. and regulations that push forward the development of PCB industry. which  formulated by China's State Council. Ministry of Industry and Information. leading the key China PCB manufacturers to benefit from a series of active reforms. and policies.
  A series of development policies has covered electronic manufacturing industry with intelligent manufacturing. low-carbon environmental protection. cross-industry transformation, and information security have become key words for reform target. China's 13th-year plan indicates. that a new round of technology revolution and industry transformation is ready. and society informatization will grow. Furthermore, Made in China 2025 Strategy. has set promoting competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. as a leading target and regarded a new generation of information technology. as a priority development concern.

        As a result, extensive development space will provided for increasing. development of China's electronics information industry. transformation. and upgrading will carried out in electronics manufacturing industry. China PCB manufacturers' core competitiveness will improved as well.

Solid Downstream Industry Demand of China PCBs

      Excellent development momentum of downstream electronics information industry is the fundamental element. for the growth of PCB industry. Recently. mobile intelligent terminals with smart phones as a representative maintain consistent growth. owing to the continual progress of intelligent terminals. consumer electronics, energy saving and environmental protection. IoT (Internet of Things) and information security. pushing China PCB market scale to consistent uprising. Furthermore, as automotives have converted from traditional mechanical products into high-tech products. with intelligentization. informatization and mechatronics integrated, electronic technologies have applied on automotives. no matter power control system. automotive body electronic system, security control system, or entertainment system.
  It's estimated that by the year of 2019, global automotive electronic market scale. will reach 246 billion US dollars with compound growth rate from 2014 to 2019 up to 5%. All in all, prosperous development of automotive industry. will definitely lead automotive PCBs to take off.

China PCBs Stepping from Mid-Low End to High End

 Some past days seen China PCBs' speedy development on mid-low PCB boards. due to low cost and large ROI (Return on Investment). In accordance with market statistics summarized by industrial authorities. a table indicating China PCB market .share of each type of PCBs demonstrated below.
A Can't-Miss Opportunity in China PCB

   As continual improvement of China PCB fabrication technologies obtained, gradual optimization takes place. and market share of traditional single/double-side PCBs. and multi-layer PCBs is going down. while that of PCB boards with high technology content and high added value is  rising such as HDI PCBs. package substrates and flexible PCBs.

 China PCBs Embracing Newly-Developed Applications

         China National Development and Reform Commission. publicized a new list of strategic newly-developed industrial core products. and service directions containing. a large amount of new items including AI (Artificial Intelligence). digital creation. as many as 900.
  Up to now, automotive motors are developing towards intelligentization. which expected to be a type of new intelligent terminals replacing smart phones. As electric vehicle market share is increasing. intelligentization plus new energy leads electronic components serving for electric vehicles to rocket. As a result, automotive electronics will be a key market for China PCBs.
  Based on statistical reports published by China Ministry of Industry and Information. China PCBs have demonstrated high development momentum in 2017. The first quarter of 2017 alone has seen smart phone output. as many as 358.66 million with an increasing rate as high as 11.4%. laptops as many as 39.03 million with an increasing rate as high as 10%. The above fields are leading customers of China PCBs. Apart from those leading industries calling for China PCBs. other industries or fields are also available requiring China PCBs including wearables. portable medical appliances and health devices sharing large market content. fast upgrading of products. 

what is PCB

         A printed circuit board (PCB) is the board base for supporting. and wiring the  surface-mounted and socketed components in most electronics. 
      In applications where fine conductive traces needed. such as computers, PCBs made by a photolithographic process. in a larger scale version of the way conductive paths in processors made. 
     Electronic components placed by machine onto a finished PCB. that has solder dabs in place. The PCB bakes in an industrial oven to melt the solder, which joins the connections. Most PCBs made from fiberglass or glass-reinforced plastics with copper traces.
     PCBs can be single-layer for simple electronic devices. Printed circuit boards for complex hardware. such as computer graphics cards and motherboards, may have up to twelve layers. PCBs are most often green but they can come in any color.
       Other methods of PCB manufacturing include silk-screening and CNC-milling.

PCB file

      The .pcb file extension is most commonly. associated with the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. The PCB files contain the application settings and data that used by the software.
     The .pcb file extension is also used for ACCEL. or Protel printed circuit board files, P-CAD database files. PC-Doctor files, Broderbund Print Shop business card files. and PCB Layout check design rule template files.
    File.org aims to be the go-to resource for file type- and related software information. We spend countless hours researching various file formats. and software that can open, convert, create. or otherwise work with those files.
     If you have extra information about the PCB file format or software that uses files with the PCB suffix. please do get in touch - we would love hearing from you.

Printed circuit board  problem

       There is a lot more than one thing that can go wrong with a circuit board. and if one or more of your boards go down, it may not be immediately obvious what the reason is. we have trained specialists who can not only recognize. a great variety of printed circuit board problems. but who experienced with solving each of these problems as well. We offer a wide range of SMT repair services to suit your needs. These services can include, but are not limited to:
          Gold Finger Repair Gold fingers. are features on the periphery of your printed circuit board. that often are subject to solder splash during wave soldering. If your edge contacts are solder contaminated or otherwise damaged. your PCB will not work . Our repair technicians can repair. or replace these contacts to restore quality PCB performance.
            BGA Pad Repair – Sometime during part removal. or rough handling, your BGA pads may become damaged. which will prevent proper operation of your printed circuit board. We can repair or replace your pads or vias so that your PCB will operate like new. We can also add BGA pads if necessary.
       Through-Holes– Plated through-holes. and eyelets are critical to the proper functioning of multi-layer boards. If you have damaged your through-holes either. through rough handling of the printed circuit board or removing a. through-hole device without taking the proper care, contact Global Electronic Services. We can replace your through-holes with ones that work .
      Failed Component Repair . We can test and identify all the components of the board to see if any of them damaged. or not working for any reason. Once we have located the faulty component, we can repair it, replace it. or adjust it on the board to make sure it is working .
      Whether your printed circuit board is suffering from corrosion. excess solder, physical impact damage. broken traces or any other common printed circuit board problem. we will identify the problem and fix it fast. And we don’t stop our inspection until we have identified. and repaired every likely problem with the board.
      We don’t want to send you back a repaired PCB only for you to find you have a different problem with the board a month later. When you get your printed circuit board back, you can be confident it is completely fixed.

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