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white melamine backup board for pcb drill

White Backup Board(white melamine backup board)is a new type of drilling cushion for small hole and is applicable for small hole on precise multi-layer circuit board .Especially for the pinhole aperture, multilayer board and flexible board. Particularly designed to replace the Phenolic backup board, its surface hardness is as good as the Phenolic backup board and accord with environmental protection standard .With its stabilize dimension, it’s difficult to distort and easy to deal with after using.

HDF for pcb drilling

HDF FOR PCB-High Density was developed for use where physical property integrity and surface finish are important. The high quality surface of HDF-High Density  makes an excellent white board substrate allowing application of paint or laminate. In the electronics industry, the hard uniform properties of our 2.5/2.7mm (0.10 in) product perform well as backer board in the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing proces

there're two board available ,the medium HDF average density of more than 830 kg/m3 (51 lb/ft3),And another average density of more than 860 kg/m3  ensures high core strength and face density.Its high internal bond is able to withstand most hot-press conditions.

ALU sheet for pcb entry board

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Alu entry sheets are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment which matches international standards. Tight thickness tolerance, flatness, dimensional accuracy and grease-free surface and hardness optimal for burr-free drilling required in the manufacture of PCB are ensured.

Continuous upgrades and process improvement enable us to keep pace with the demands of its ever-growing clientele.

Parameter Range Tolerance
Thickness (mm) 0.15 — 0.28 +/-0.01
Width (mm) 1250 max +/-1
Length (mm) 2000 max +/-1
Diagonal difference (mm) - 2


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